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122 Seatown has been in the ownership of the Slater family since it was built over 100 years ago. It has seen generations of the Slater family leave home and head out to the sea. It is only the current generations that were to leave fishing behind. Instead they served almost 50 years (between them) in the Royal Air Force, however with so much sea in their blood they soon went on to represent the RAF and RAF(Germany) sailing/racing their fleet of ocean going yachts.

The Slater (or Sclater) family has been in Cullen for as long as the Parish records exist, certainly back to the 1690’s. They have borne witness to many changes to the harbour; they have watched the railway come (and go); they watched the viaducts being built; they lived through the great herring fishing days and saw the pain of the demise of the herring fishing; they witnessed the effects of the Cod war and they saw the coming of the black gold.

What has not changed is the special hold the town has on the Slater family; they may have travelled over the years to America, to Australia and to various other parts of the world but no matter where they go there is a small place in the North East of Scotland they will always call home, and that is Cullen.

We invite you to come and share our home with us and the magic that has captivated many of our generations.

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