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Baby Ray at Macduff aquarium
Baby Ray at Macduff aquarium

The North-East of Scotland has a plethora of activities for every age group. From aquariums to distillery tours and beautiful scenic walks, there is something that will satisfy every explorer.

To give you a little taste for adventure, here are some of our favourite nearby activities:

MacDuff Marine Aquarium:

Located in the small nearby town of MacDuff, the Marine Aquarium is the perfect place to see some of the most beautiful marine species up close. From Dogfish to Rays and even a nursery section, there is something new to discover in every area. Perfect for every budding Marine Biologist!

Pancake from Baxters

Family favourite since 1868, Baxters have been supplying soups, jams and beetroot to the table of many families. Located in the nearby town of Fochabers, Baxters will take you on a journey through the history of the firm from day 1 to the present. Not into history? Then it is also worth a trip for the pancakes alone!

Salmon Bothy walk:
A short walk from the cottage will take you to perhaps once of the most beautiful local walks. Here, you have unprecendented access to nature at its finest: dolphins, seals and even some deer grace this area. Besides wildlife on this walk to Sunnyside beach (another beautiful beach), there is also Cullen Pet Cemetery run by local man Stevie Findlay, Giant Steps created by Tony Hetherington who sadly died after a canoeing accident and a freshwater well on which the Salmon fishermen relied on for water for the cottage which once stood on the beautiful coastline.

View from Castle Hill

Cullen Castle Hill:

Look up from the Seatown and you will see a flag flying on the hill. This is Castle Hill. Restored to its original glory by a group of local volunteers, the hill boasts spectacular views across Seatown as well as holding previously hidden monument. Just remember to take a selfie up there – it will be the best one you will ever take!

In addition to those activities located nearby, you can also venture further afield and visit the likes of the Granite City (Aberdeen), Dundee for the new V&A or even for all those intrepid Nessie hunters, Inverness.

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