Prices vary depending on the time of year that you wish to book, however at Cullen Harbour Cottage, our aim is to keep them as low as possible so that you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about a high price tag. We are also a dog-friendly cottage so let us know if you are planning to bring Man’s best friend along too.

Pricing (per week):

January: £380 (except New Year)
February: £380
March: £400
April: £440
May: £440
June: £450
July: £500
August: £500
September: £440
October: £440
November: £380
December: £380 (except Christmas)

Christmas & New Year: Available by request only.

Dogs: We do not charge anything additional for dogs on the understanding that they are well behaved while they are visiting the cottage. Any damage that does occur while they are staying will be billed to guests accordingly.


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